Is it possible to disable the MageMail extension entirely?

MageMail has a very light footprint, as far as Magento extensions go. It doesn't use any class rewrites, or even any observers. It opens up an API and also inserts a javascript snippet into the footer.

However, I know how it is when you're trying to troubleshoot a strange problem and you want to rule out everything possible, even though you know they *shouldn't* be causing the problem.

So, MageMail degrades pretty gracefully when disabled. You can disable the module entirely (app/etc/modules/KJ_MageMail.xml) in order to rule it out as a cause of the problem.

When the module is disabled:

  • New emails will not go out
  • Links will not be broken in emails that went out previously
  • Coupons that were sent in emails can still be used.

Things that won't work: 

  • Coupons will not be auto-applied when a customer clicks through. But they can still manually apply them.
  • Auto-login won't work
  • The promotion bar won't show up when they click through - Images may be broken in past emails that went out (if Settings > Advanced > Product Image Controller is enabled which is usually should be)

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