How should I send you usernames and passwords?

If you need to send me a username / password for your Magento backend or perhaps SSH access, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

It's best to avoid sending the username and password by email, because unencrypted email is pretty easy to be read by 3rd parties. And also if your email is ever hacked (which is not uncommon), the main thing that hackers do after hacking your email is going through to dig for other account passwords.

I like to use a secure paste-bin like when sending usernames and passwords. You can get a link to share with someone and set that link to expire after a day, so that at some point in the future if you were ever hacked, there would not be any trace of those login details in your email any more.

What you can do is only drop the password in the secure pastebin and send the username and URL by email.  That way even if the 3rd party pastebin tool were compromised they would have no way of correlating the password to the user account that it corresponded to.

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