Why is MageMail's order attribution higher than what Google Analytics is showing?

It's not uncommon for GA's attribution to be significantly lower than MageMail's. Here are a few important differences between how MageMail does attribution and how GA does it.


*View-through attribution*

GA doesn't handle view-through attribution at all. MageMail attributes orders up to 7 days after an open (as opposed to 30 days after a click)

*Coupon-based attribution*

If a customer uses a coupon code that is unique to MageMail but doesn't click through from an email, GA won't attribute that.

*First-click / Last-click attribution*

GA by default tracks attribution based on last click - although there are ways to look at first-click vs. last-click. MageMail attributes the sale regardless of any other clicks.

So for example if someone clicks on a MageMail email, and then tomorrow they Google your company and click through from Google, GA will attribute the order to organic search. MageMail will attribute that order though to MageMail.

*Orders placed through the backend*

If a customer clicks through on an email and then ends up calling in to place their order, GA doesn't attribute that. It's only aware of orders being placed through the frontend.


Probably the biggest discrepancy between MageMail's attribution and GA is the view-through attribution.

This is partially due to implementation complexity and partially due to inherent limitations of GA.

To prevent this from happening, there are a number of hedges in place to prevent against over-attribution. Our development team works extremely hard to ensure that the right revenues are accounted for and that organic revenues are left out. 

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