I got an email from Mandrill saying my bounce rate has increased. What's the deal?

Mandrill sends out email notifications when it detects increases in bounce rates. On a few occasions I've looked into them and found that they were basically false positives. I'll usually go in and spot check some of the recent outbound bounces to make sure that there isn't anything weird going on.

It's pretty normal to have bounces, as people will typo their email address, especially with abandoned cart emails b/c many times they haven't even fully completed checkout and may have just put in a dummy email address in order to look at shipping rates.

You can look at Last 30 Days or something like that and check *Hard Bounce* in order to look at bounces.

Then the other thing you can do is, in the dashboard, look at the overall bounce rate (the orange line) as it compares to your send volume (the gray line). There may be some bumps in the bounce rate but unless you see a progressive and permanent increase in the bounce rate, there probably isn't much to worry about.

Also Mandrill detects hard bounces and adds them to a rejection list that it doesn't attempt to send to any more.

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