Can I use something other than Mandrill to send email?

Mar 9, 2016 Update: Due to Mandrill's policy changes, we're adding support for other transactional email services, and recommending people use Sendgrid instead of Mandrill - more details


Yes, you don't have to use Mandrill. However, it's very important that we're monitoring your sender reputation closely. Most transactional email services have some way of monitoring your sender reputation or IP address health, etc.

I'll just need you to give me access to monitor your sender reputation one way or another. That may be a login that you can share with me or perhaps a weekly report you can have sent to me.

There are two main reasons why I need to monitor sender reputation closely:

1. To maximize the results of your email campaigns and ensure that your emails are being positively received by your customer base.

2. To ensure the health of the domain. Because that domain is used for click tracking for all outgoing email, if a customer of mine were to send out email that received a lot of complaints, that could get my entire domain blacklisted.

Mandrill tends to be the best solution by far because it's generally free for most customers, and the reputation monitoring is all automatically handle by a MageMail sub-system.

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