Why was an email disabled due to a Mandrill sender score dip?

For customers that use Mandrill to deliver email, MageMail keeps an eye on your Mandrill sender reputation to make sure that your customers are happy with the email they're receiving.

If your Mandrill score takes a dip, we'll take a look at the emails that received complaints. It's normal for there to be a certain number of complaints, so we won't necessarily disable an email just because of a single, isolated complaint.

However, if there are enough complaints to cause your Mandrill score to take a dip, that usually means that customers aren't responding well to that particular email. What we'll usually do is disable that email temporarily and give your sender reputation a chance to get back up to a nice healthy level and then try to reintroduce the email, perhaps with some tweaks to the timing, subject line, or content.

For example, sometimes customers will automatically mark an email as spam if it has something like "$10 off" in the subject line. This isn't always the case, but for certain customer bases, that can be a common trend. In those cases, it's better to move the discount to the pre-header content.

Another example is that sometimes customers will not respond well to the winback emails. A winback is an email that goes out to customers at about the time that they've become inactive.  The problem is that if you haven't been emailing these customers regularly, they may have forgotten about your brand and just see the email as spam. Usually what helps in this scenario is to focus on emails earlier in the post-purchase funnel and build up familiarity with the brand, and then re-introduce the winbacks at a later stage.


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