How are estimates handled for custom projects?

For custom projects such as custom email triggers, here's how estimates are handled.

*Hourly billing model*

We'll give you a rough estimate of how many hours it should take.

The purpose of the estimate is to give us a ballpark idea of what we're shooting for. You'll be billed for the number of hours that it takes to complete the project.

Software estimation is notoriously hard - and we personally feel that fixed bid estimates put both parties in a position where someone is going to get the raw end of the deal - either the developer comes under their estimated hours and you get over-charged, or the project goes over estimated hours, and the developer begins working for free.

Now, the good news is that for all our recent custom projects, we've actually come in under budget.

Our goal is always to keep costs for custom projects down to a bare minimum so that you can get your email triggers or other custom features deployed as quickly as possible.

*Getting Started*

Once you have a credit card on file for your MageMail account, and give us the go-ahead, we'll get started on the project.

We bill $150 / hour.

We'll always give you updates of what's getting done, questions that arise, and hours that are being billed.

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