Order Confirmation Email

Here's what the order confirmation email template looks like:



In order to set it up, you'll want to setup the Order Confirmation email trigger in MageMail and make sure that it's live:

Once the email trigger is live, you can go in and disable the core Magento order confirmation email in System > Config > Sales Emails:

Then, pop over to the MageMail settings under Promotions > MageMail Connector > MageMail Advanced Settings, and set Enable Order Confirmation Email to Yes.


**Technical Details**

In case you're wondering how it works, the MageMail connector extension configures a minutely cron that checks for new orders and when it finds one or more, it pings MageMail to kick out the emails.

It doesn't touch anything in the critical path of checkout - there are no observers on the sales_order_place_after event or any others.

Also it doesn't make a network request out to MageMail every minute. It just makes a single query to check the orders table to see if there is a new order ID, and if it finds one, then it pings MageMail.

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