What is the expected response time on support tickets?

Couple of details around expected support response times and how to escalate urgent issues.

This information will also be sent to you in an auto-reply when you email hello@magemail.co

Response time

You should generally get a response response within 4 business hours.  (Business hours: 9am to 6pm Eastern)

Urgent issues

There is an email address that you can email for urgent issues (which you will receive in the auto-reply email) that will kick a text message to my cell phone so that I can hop on it pretty much right away.  

(Please only use that if you are a paying customer with a time-sensitive issue affecting a production site).


You might be able to answer your own question by checking out the docs (MageMail docsMageMail v2 docs)!  Who doesn't love to read docs!?

Schedule a call

If you need to schedule a call, you can do that here on my calendly page.

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