As a potential customer in the UK, is MageMail a good fit for me?

I get asked from time to time whether MageMail is a good fit for customers that may be in the UK or other time zones that are far removed from our time zone here in Los Angeles, so I thought I'd address some of those questions.

First off, actually a significant portion of my customer base is outside the US - probably around 20% - I have customers in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, India, Australia, and many other countries.

In terms of business hours, our regular business hours are 6am to 3:30pm Pacific time.  Email support tickets generally get responded to within 24 hours.

However, customers always have the ability to email us at a specific email address for urgent issues, which will send an SMS message to my cell phone and I will jump on pretty much immediately - generally within minutes unless I'm asleep.

I can understand that a UK-based company might feel more comfortable knowing that all of their vendors are in their same timezone and share their business hours, but on the whole I really haven't had very many issues with customers in other time zones.

One of the nice things about triggered email is that generally issues that arise are not urgent issues, such as would be the case for a checkout extension vendor.  If you run into a bug with your checkout, that quickly becomes a very urgent situation.  

However, if your abandoned cart emails are delayed by a few hours, generally there is very little impact.

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