When is the newsletter email trigger sent out?

There are a few different general scenarios.  

  1. Newsletter signup sends the signup to Magento.  In this case, the MageMail newsletter email trigger will be sent out generally within 30 minutes.  All of the MageMail emails send on a schedule that runs every 30 minutes.
  2. Newsletter signup goes to an external 3rd party (like Mailchimp) which is later sync'd to Magento.  In this case, the MageMail email trigger won't be able to send until the newsletter subscriber has been sync'd over to Magento, because that's where MageMail pulls from.  So, depending on how frequently your subscriber data syncs from the 3rd party, MageMail will send the newsletter email trigger within 30 minutes of that time.
  3. Newsletter signup uses the MageMail exit modal.  For the exit modal, there is some logic in place that triggers the email to be sent immediately after signup.

Note that if you want to add some custom javascript that can cause your newsletter signups to receive the MageMail email trigger immediately, you can call: 


For example, if you want newsletter signups from your default Magento newsletter signup form to receive their MageMail email immediately, you can call that from within your theme logic after the form submission is complete.

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