There are emails being sent out from Magento in bulk that shouldn't be

If you're seeing a bunch of emails going out in bulk that look like they shouldn't be, there are a few things you can check.

For one, if you want to check and see whether these are MageMail emails going out, you can look at the contents of the email - it's generally pretty easy to identify the MageMail email format.  You can also look at your email delivery service's logs - for example if using Sendgrid you can look at your Sendgrid logs and see what tags those emails have on them.

If the emails aren't being sent from MageMail, then you likely have an issue elsewhere in your Magento installation.  We've seen a few instances of this in the past:

  • Back in stock notifications - we wrote up a specific FAQ on this one.
  • Order Confirmation Emails - this is an odd one but we've seen customers report order confirmation emails going out in bulk.  Not sure what the cause would be for this, but if you have Magento hooked up to a delivery service like Sendgrid, you could check the timestamps of the emails sent out and try to correlate them with your cron activity to see what the culprit might be.
  • Other 3rd party extensions - we've seen this once or twice.  In one case a customer misconfigured their Sweet Tooth loyalty program extension in their staging environment and had live customer data in their staging environment which sent out a bunch of emails to those customers.

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