How can you customize the footer content?

The footer content can be customized in a few different ways:

  • Background Color - The background color (default gray) can be changed under Settings > Template.  It is the background color of the email container.
  • Signoff - The "Thanks, The Madison Islands Team" can be customized under Settings > Template and can also be overridden on an individual email trigger basis in the Sender settings.
  • Social Media Icons - The social media icons that are listed can be enabled under Settings > Integrations.  To change the color of the icons, you can use CSS under Settings > Template.
  • Why Email Was Sent - The reason why the email was sent can be modified in a few ways.  You can modify either just the "added an item to your cart" or you can modify the entire content under the email trigger settings under Advanced > Why emails is sent and Why email is sent (full).
  • Unsubscribe - The "You can unsubscribe from these emails" can't be modified in the settings or per email trigger.  If you need it to be translated to a specific language, that is done by selecting your language under Settings > Configuration > Language.  If your language isn't listed there, let us know.
  • Address - The address can be modified under Settings > Contact > Address.

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