I've connected the module but it's not working right

If you connected your store initially but there's some kind of issue with the API connection, there are usually a couple of reasons why.

1. If you connected first to staging and then to production (or vice versa), then one of the connections will be broken. The reason is that every time you connect from a Magento backend it generates new API keys for the account. So connecting to staging breaks the previous connection with production.

2. If you've disabled the module on the Magento side, that would break the connection as well

3. There can be other more complicated reasons such as a firewall on your web server. In these cases I'll look into it for you and try to give a recommendation.


In order to troubleshoot, the easiest thing would be for you to give me admin access, so that I can pop in there and hopefully fix it for you.

If you'd prefer not to give admin access, please email me a screenshot of the MageMail connector settings in the Magento backend under Promotions > MageMail Connector > MageMail Advanced Settings.

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