How is uncaptured revenue calculated?

If you've received an email notification about pending email triggers in your account, it may have read something like "You have 5 pending email triggers to review (about $50k of uncaptured revenue)".

What that means is that those 5 email triggers may represent $50k of incremental revenue over a period of year (and obviously that same amount every following year as well).

The calculation for that estimate is pretty basic right now. We're taking each additional email trigger as 0.8% of revenue. This is very rough calculation and eventually we plan to make this more accurate - as certain email triggers will tend to generate more revenue than others.

But the point of the email is to make it very clear to you that there is a significant amount of revenue you're leaving on the table by not enabling these triggers. Regardless of what the exact figure is - that's definitely true and important to keep front of mind for you.

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