Which types of emails should use the sending window?

The sending window is a window of time during the day (let's say 10am to 4pm) during which triggered emails will be sent out. The window should be determined to maximize engagement with your customers.

Note: the sending window field is only available to MageMail staff now - we'll default it based on your order history and you can also just let us know if you'd like us to change it to something specific.

The reason for this is that a lot of people weren't setting the date properly and it was breaking things :)  We've made the date selector more intuitive in MageMail v2 :)

In v2, you'll select the date window, and a pop-up with Message Settings will appear. From there, you'll add your desired sending time to the "Send At" field. V2 is awesome and will automatically detect your timezone.

Certain types of emails should generally ignore the sending window though. The first abandoned cart email is a good example. It gets sent out within an hour of when the cart was abandoned.

So even if in general your sending window is 10am to 4pm, if there is a customer shopping at 8pm and abandoning a cart, it's probably a good idea to send them that first reminder email within an hour, instead of waiting until 10am the next day.

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